We were delighted to see record attendance last night for our multi-baggers webinar (1,055 of you joined us live, which is amazing!). Thank you so much to everyone who attended and participated in the comments, it was a really engaging evening for everyone. Apologies again for the slight technical hitch - thankfully, we've been able to edit the replay and clip that out.

As promised, I have now emailed all registrants a copy of the replay and extended slide deck.  For those who didn't register, a replay is below. The extended slide deck can also be viewed here, and a full written copy of the research report can be found here.

Your future multi-bagger predictions

We'd love to hear what you thought of the webinar in the comments below, but we're mostly fascinated to hear your predictions. 

Based on the 'blueprint' from the webinar, which stocks do you think have the potential to multi-bag in the future? 

Let us know. We'll create a watchlist of the stocks below and keep an eye on its performance.

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