Jupiter Fund Management (LON:JUP) closed above the 20 Day high and initiated breakout high for turtle traders for the first time since June 2018.
More on Turtle Trading
The June 2018 breakout proved to be a false breakout, will it be any different this time? May be worth waiting for ADX crossover to strengthen the signal or another confirming indicator/overlay of choice
Buy Zone is represented by the blue channel
Channel width is approx 8.5% as measured with stocko measuring tool (Think stops)


Bull case 

  • Chart indicates that Jupiter Fund Management (LON:JUP) is a suitable candidate for trend following systems
  • Well respected bond fund offerings (may offer some downside protection in turbulent markets for those who are bearish)
  • Good Dividend yield for farmers 
  • Q rank 96

Bear case 

  • EPS Downgrades 
  • High redemption's in some (Euro Bond) fund offerings  
  • Firm downtrend established (however sentiment does change with time)


qualifies for 2 Screens 1 long and 1 short 

Anyone have any views on £JUP 

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