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What else would you like on the site?

How can we make it better? What are we missing? This is the place for Stockopedia members to discuss and debate potential new features that they would like to see added or changed... Be honest, be frank  - it's the only way we are going to get better!

No feature requests will be acted on unless they are voted on using the Red button on the right hand side of the screen. However, this Forum is intended to allow members a space to debate the pros and cons of different feature requests before they are submitted for a vote.

If you wish to discuss features on other parts of the site, please do that in the relevant area...

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emptyend 21st Sep '09 4 of 23

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marben100 14th Nov '09 5 of 23

I would like to question the point of the "articles" feature. I know that some other financial sites have this feature, however, the Stockopedia "thread" feature seems almost identical.

When a thread is created, AFAICS the thread header offers the same facilities as are available when creating an article. Follow up posts on a thread seem virtually identical to the concept of comments on an article - though I'd noticed that when you first post a comment on an article, the editor offers less functionality that that for posting on threads. However, when you go in to edit the comment, you are then are offered the full editor functionality, as is available on threads.

The chief disadvantage of having a separate "articles" feature is that I (I suspect in common with many other users) regularly scan the "active threads" page to look for new posts & threads which might interest me. I DON'T want to have to check another place to see if there are new "articles".

I have just done some analysis of some of major UK property REITs. I could turn this into an article but I can't see any point in doing so, rather than simply creating a thread with my findings. Moreover, how do you find articles relevant to a particular sector/subsector etc? With my REIT article it seems much more obvious to create a thread under the "commercial property" subsector, which anyone new to the site that is interested in that subsector can find, rather than an article which is likely to be lost in the aether in a few months time.

Finally, as I've pointed out above, by making articles a separate feature, inconsistencies have arisen in the feature's implementation, compared against thread functionality. Maintaining the two similar but slightly different features must create site maintenance headaches.

It could be argued that the editorial aspect of articles has value... but the voting system on threads serves a similar purpose in identifying threads that others think are of value (or not!). You could easily add an "officially approved" "indicator" to threads, if you want to give some form of official sanction. Authors could submit threads for such sanction by the S'pedia editorial team, if they wish to do so.

I wonder what others think?



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Murakami 14th Nov '09 6 of 23

In reply to marben100 (post #5)

Hi there - that's a fair set of questions and something we are thinking through at the moment. The reason we want to have articles on the site is a) to encourage higher editorial standards and b) to provide content which is more easily browsable by new users who are not necessarily comfortable with the bulletin board format or that up to speed with a given stock/issue (forum posts tend to assume a lot of prior knowledge as it's usually a discussion amongst a knowledgeable community). Clearly, we are happy for people to post what they want in the Forums and we'd rather not impose rules that would have a chilling effect on free and open discussion, hence having a different area for Articles with different rules. 

Articles open up the possibility of us syndicating the best content across the Web. As an example, we are in discussions with Bloomberg about featuring Stockopedia Article content on their terminals shortly. This would not be possible with Forum posts because there's no filter and because of the somewhat informal format of posting.

You're right that it's not easy at the moment to stay on top of everything and there's the possibility of parallel discussions on the same topic in two different areas, which doesn't make sense. We are thinking through how best to fix this at the moment. Thoughts welcome.

The basic premise is that, if you just want to bounce ideas around on a given topic, that's something for the Forums. But if you want to take a strong position on a particular issue and hopefully educate others, you might want to consider writing an Article (and we will then do our best to extend the reach of that content beyond Stockopedia into the wider Web and other distribution channels).

In terms of the risk of something getting lost, basically, provided you tag it with the relevant topic (in this case, "commercial property"), then we are making some changes to ensure that it will be discoverable (basically similarly tagged content will appear next to threads as "related content"). Alternatively, we could just mirror the forum taxonomy/architecture for articles, and we might do that at a high level but we'd prefer to use more tagging going forward as it's much more flexible.

However, the implementation of all this is still WIP and needs some work so thanks for the feedback. More comments welcome.



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marben100 14th Nov '09 7 of 23

Thanks for the response, M. How about my idea, though, of just labelling selected threads as "articles"? It strikes me that this approach could simplify & improve S'pedia usability.

What I have in mind is that a thread author could tick a checkbox, indicating that he wishes to designate a thread as an "article". That action would flag the thread up for your review. If you are satisfied that the thread qualifies, then you could set a further admin level flag, to officially designate it as an "article" - which you could then syndicate and could be highlighted for new users (or those who like to browse "articles"). Some indication on the "active threads" page could show that a particualar thread was considered of "article" standard - and you could still retain your article browsing pages, for those that want them.

Alternatively, if you included new articles on the "active threads" page, I'd be happy - but you'd have the hassle of ensuring that the article functionality matched the thread functionality: you need to fix the comment editor!



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doverbeach 14th Nov '09 8 of 23

I was thinking of posting exactly the same thing as marben. Having something as an article has NO advantages over having it as a thread header. Take the recent article about nighthawk:

- by having it as an article, the share price graphs and links to news, co website etc are lost
- it means that people looking for discussion about nighthawk in future may well miss the article, unless the poster also posts on the boards about it, which then duplicates things AND means that discussion tends to get split up

And this doesnt just apply to company related articles. Macro and other articles would also be more easily accessed in future if they were in the relevant part of the boards.

I take your point that you want to feature articles. And get them syndicated - great! And that to do this, some editorial control / selection is needed, which by its very nature, you do not want on the boards.

But I think marben's suggestion that people who want to get their article 'published' could tick a box on a thread header would get round this. You could then take ones that you accept and publish them as articles, giving you greater editorial control and increasing the visibility of the chosen ones. The comments underneath the articles then would be the replies to the original thread.

I don't think your suggestion of tagging will be as workable. I have not yet seen a satisfactory implementation of tagging on an active bulletin board. Perhaps this will be the first, but I don't hold out much hope. there is too greater tendency for some people to overtag, many people to undertag and most people to ignore tags completely :( Although tagging is in theory more flexible - and a neat solution to a systems designer - in practice you need to to find more foolproof ways of integrating content.


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promethean 14th Nov '09 9 of 23

Marben - glad you've spotted the similarities! We are extremely aware of the fact that everyone hits 'active threads' and misses key content in the articles space. As murakami has suggested above, it's at the forefront of our minds, and we are taking development steps to rectify this.

We are going to be rolling out events - which similarly to articles and threads will have a space for description, favouriting and comments and so on, with the added features of postcodes, maps and attendee communications. And beyond that (further away!), we'd also like to host other media and content types too... whether videos, podcasts or even just links to news stories on other sites... which similarly will all be commentable... 

We'd essentially like to bring the whole site into the 'active threads' page... so that you can view updates on all these content types from the one page... but filter down if you specifically wanted to view threads or events or articles or news links etc etc... and then this view could be taken at different levels - a site level, your own interests level, and then a stock specific or tag specific level.  Really - the vision is for the whole site to be a 'forum' rather than segregating content types into different bins.  We've got the back end to achieve this... but it's going step by step.

Anyway, we are at some early stages of implementing these changes.  As you all know, Stockopedia is a work in progress,  we are listening to all our users and evolving the site according to the feedback received... so please keep it coming!


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muckshifter 16th Nov '09 10 of 23

Can I ask, have I missed something?
I mostly don't sign in when I visit the site, as I don't post much. But this morning I read an annoying post on one of the Soco boards, by an author who is now mostly confined to TMF, presumably because they don't have the facility to express dissaproval. This particular poster is the only person I've ever "removed from view" in approx ten years of posting, when he continued his harrassment of ee here, after annoying him intensely, AFAICS, on TMF.

Not signing in, meant that any posts by that particular poster were visible to me, but I couldn't show approval or dissaproval.
This, if the post was annoying enough, would cause me to sign in, when the post would disappear, but I would be allowed to "vote" on it.

This morning I find that after signing in the offending post is still visible, but I cannot give it a negative vote, which removes my reason for signing in.
Can someone explain the changes please?

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Murakami 16th Nov '09 11 of 23

Hi, there shouldn't have been any changes to the rating features on the site. We are about to deploy a new Game on the site (watch this space!) so we have been moving things around a bit but it shouldn't have impacted the ratings. I will email you now to discuss this in more detail, but if there is an issue with ratings, we will get it sorted. Cheers, M

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alano20 16th Nov '09 12 of 23

In reply to Murakami (post #11)

FYI.  The post muckshifter refers to is still "blocked", and does not register my negative vote. 

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promethean 16th Nov '09 13 of 23

It's not blocked alano - you've already voted it down!

Admittedly, it would be better if there were a popup saying so - we'll add that to the feature request list.

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alano20 17th Nov '09 14 of 23

In reply to promethean (post #13)

Thanks: I think it was due to Windows 7 getting close to its screwed-up state, as it stopped shortly afterwards.

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emptyend 17th Nov '09 15 of 23

In reply to muckshifter (post #10)

I've noticed recently that the "thumbs down" icon (using IE7) has sometimes not been visible, though if one clicks where it should be then it registers as one would expect. I've no idea whether this is at all related to your issue though. I've also have problems with Flash10 and IE7, but guess these are unrelated too. Too techie for me that one!

The message I would like people to take away is that if they merely look at the site without logging in under their registered ID, then they are missing important aspects of functionality. No doubt one of the S'pedia chaps can list these out (perhaps in an FAQ indicating why people should bother to log in?) but the main things I notice are:

a) the ability to have threads presented as a list, except for the posts I haven't yet read and

b) the ability to vote

I obviously also immediately notice

c) the ability to post (and to bring up the editing tools!)

....and obviously one cannot see any email in one's in-box or any of the other personalised aspects of Stockopedia's functionality that makes it distinctively better than other sites.


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doverbeach 17th Nov '09 16 of 23

Interesting to think what would make people register if they dont intend to be active posters. On other sites, the key thing is the ability to have a 'favourites' page.


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muckshifter 18th Nov '09 17 of 23

Thanks for the responses. I suspect that it is an "IE" issue as you suggest ee, because I'm being pestered every day by IE wanting me to look at their new features. Unfortunately, the click on alternatives that they offer do not include one for stick the features up your ????, so perhaps I will have to surrender.

Perhaps the most sensible thing would be to make Stockopedia my home page, as I did with TMF in the days when I started reading bulletin boards, as that presumably "signs me in" every time I open the internet.

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emptyend 18th Nov '09 18 of 23

In reply to muckshifter (post #17)

Unfortunately, the click on alternatives that they offer do not include one for stick the features up your ????,

LOL  :-)

I succumbed and installed IE8 - and then uninstalled it and went back to IE7!  I've got a couple of S'pedia pages on my home page tabs. Curiously one of them (the second in the line) signs me in automatically but the first does not - though it recognises me after a refresh!


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Murakami 25th Feb '10 19 of 23

Hi, someone kindly pointed out that there was a glitch with printing from Stockopedia forums/articles as a result of some changes we made recently. This should now be fixed, just FYI. Best, M

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marben100 20th Jul '10 20 of 23

Hmmm... looked under "topics" to try and find the threads relating to "feature requests" and couldn't find an apparently relevant topic other than this one. Where is that topic/those threads? Anyway, am posting here as the only appropriate place I could find quickly & easily.

Moving on to my main point... I observe that for some reason (maybe performance?) the list of upcoming events has been removed from the activity stream page (shame - but I'm sure S'pedia has its reasons). Yesterday, I wanted to check the upcoming activities so used the filter facility on the activity page to do so - and discovered a significant problem. The default selection is that all stream types are selected, so AFAICS the only thing I can do to easily view events is to deselect all other stream types - which works. However, the perfromance of doing this is pretty abysmal. Each time I deselect an item, it takes several seconds before the page finishes refreshing the list and I can deselect the next one (without getting into an unholy tangle).

Here's a suggested solution: proivde two additional filter options: deselect ALL streams and select ALL streams. I could then do what I wanted by first deselecting all and then selecting the single stream type I wanted. Equally, when I want to go back to my "normal" view, I can then get all the steams back with a single click.



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StrollingMolby 20th Jul '10 21 of 23

Mark, the shortcut to just Events (or whatever) is simply to click on the icon, rather than uncheck the boxes of all other streams. I admit it's not intuitive if you haven't done it before, but it works for me. On this point I recall there was a thread in which Murakami? set this out, perhaps alongside the video tuition?

I guess it's in this lot somewhere - http://www.stockopedia.com/investment-topics/general-%26-admin/


PS FAO: Admin: I went on to Events yesterday and the event for last night was not there - can you double-check that an event doesn't drop-off the Events list before it has occurred?

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promethean 20th Jul '10 22 of 23


The upcoming events are shifted slightly further down the page on the activity page - they haven't been removed!

You have though highlighted a bug on the main activity page - so thanks for that!  It's now been updated and events are showing normally when you click the icon!

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marben100 20th Jul '10 23 of 23

Thanks for the responses/tips!

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