Since reclaiming the prime minister’s office in late December, Japanese leader Shinzo Abe has been on a campaign of psychological warfare aimed at driving down the value of the yen.

While Abe has backed off some of the more extreme rhetoric he was using on the campaign trail, it is clear that he has lost patience with the Bank of Japan (BoJ) and intends to curtail a great deal of its independence. Given the stagnant nature of Japan’s economy of the past two decades and its heavy reliance on imports, the BoJ has always been leery of introducing too much inflation into the company’s economy.

But inflation and a fairly significant depreciation of the yen is exactly what Abe wants and he has opened his battle on all fronts, fiscal and monetary.

On the fiscal side of the equation, Abe has successfully pushed through a stimulus package worth JPY10.3 trillion (USD117 billion). JPY3.8 trillion will be allocated to redevelopment efforts in the region devastated by the tsunami and earthquake in 2011, while a further JPY3 trillion will go towards programs to enhance the competitiveness of Japanese industry. Yet another JPY3 trillion will go towards funding health care and educational programs.

On the monetary front, Abe has made it clear that he is pressuring the BoJ to accept a 2 percent inflation target and is pushing it to embark on a massive program of Japanese government bond purchases.

So far, his campaign has worked, driving a sudden depreciation of the yen, which has fallen from about JPY80/USD1 to its current level of JPY91/USD1. We suspect he is trying to get the exchange rate to JPY100/USD1 and probably won’t back off until he achieves that goal.

Abe is coming under sharp international criticism for his efforts. Some analysts fear that his policies might spark a currency war, especially with China, and ultimately push his country into bankruptcy.

However, Abe’s campaign of yen depreciation will yield real benefits for his country’s export-dependent companies. Not only will the weakened yen make their products much more attractive, it will be a boon for their domestic sales if the economy is subsequently pulled out of recession.

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