What should investors do, if they have a plan but get smacked in the face?

Find out here from Justin Waite & myself of Vox Markets - alongside what stocks Justin has been recently bought/sold and 11 company updates.

A must watch video - including:

eEnergy. Start & 03:45
Being honest with yourself & adjusting behaviour. 01:30
Importance of voting at AGMs. 11:50
Technicals. 15:45
Argentex Group PLC. 17:30
Equals Money. 20:05
Venture Life Group plc. 27:15
LungLife AI. 30:05
XP Factory. 32:15
Investing in corporate bonds. 36:10
Polarean Imaging plc. Imaging, Biome Technologies plc & Gfinity PLC. 38:35
Future. 41:00
K3 Capital Group plc. 45:20



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