My top 10 personal holdings

It was interesting to see readers spontaneously swap your top 10 holdings the other day, in the comments section of the SCVR. I often do the same with some investor friends, as it’s a good way of coming up with new ideas of things to research. Although if people do list their top 10 holdings, I think it’s very helpful to include a short explanation of why you think each position is good, and what risk:reward looks like to you, at that point in time.

People have been asking me to update my portfolio holdings for a while, so here goes.

First the obvious disclaimers - these are categorically NOT recommendations. It’s my money, and I’ve chosen to invest it in these things, and you can obviously do whatever you want with your money. Please always Do Your Own Research, and do not rely on my views or research, as I might have missed something, or just be plain wrong. I have no plans to sell any of these holdings for the foreseeable future. Although obviously if they were to double in price or something like that, then I reserve the right to sell any time I want, but have no intention to sell anything at this point in time. Each holding is also subject to me being happy with future trading updates, and macro conditions. These are all long-term investments, not trades, and a lot of them will require patience.

Please don’t chase the prices up, because you’ll end up over-paying, and then blaming me when it comes back down again, and I’d prefer not to have the grief.

You’ll note that I don’t record my buy prices, because it’s irrelevant what I paid for the shares. All that matters is what the future potential is from today. Obviously given buoyant market conditions, most positions are however in profit, some of them substantially, the last year has been very good for many of us.

  1. Boohoo (LON:BOO) (13.1% of my portfolio) - my price target: £10+ long-term much more

I’ve been buying more recently, as I think the valuation looks very appealing. I reckon next year 2022/3 could see 15p+ EPS (see Zeus note). That puts this share on a forward PER of just over 20 - that’s nuts for such a strong growth company - way too cheap, taking a…

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