It passes 5 Stockopedia screens, in all three sections: 3 Value, 1 Growth, 1 Quality (the Greenblatts Magic Formula, which is where I first noticed it)

The yield has now gone into the danger zone, 7.55% where the market is indicating it expects a dividend cut is coming up.
Expected revenue is about to fall from the over £200m every year since 2012, to £137m and £142 in 2018 and 2019.
Dividend cover falling from 1.00 to 0.87 (in other words the expected dividend is not fully covered!)
But they paid out a special dividend earlier this year.

My Questions are:
Do you know if that special dividend is included (as normal dividends are) in the Stockopedia page?
Does anyone follow this stock and know what recent, brokers/investment research groups, are suggesting?
What is causing the expected revenue fall?
Has this been adequately flagged up by the company? (so the market isn't going to be surprised by the upcoming dividend cut? and has already valued it at a reasonable price/yield?)

My apologies for posting little information and lots of questions,
If you can't take the time to type answers, I understand and would appreciate any links to places where there is independent company discussion/research.

Deep appreciation for any time you take on a response.

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