Dear fellow Investors,

Apologies if I have misplaced this post and it should have gone in  another discussion - I'm a new member to the site.

I was wondering if the community had any thoughts on Pinterest. It's been on my radar for quite some time and after a few doubts last year (and some further study) I'm starting to think this could be a promising investment. Of course I could be completely wrong but I'd like to see what other members think. 

The company had an impressive Q3 and they are growing rapidly. Looking at their financials, the company has no debt but it takes a hit on the value aspect with some of the ratios. One thing that I did find strange was the CEO selling $8 mil of his shares in October and other insiders trading similar amounts. 

The company is working on increasing its transition from discovery to purchase and its revenues have increased due to this. They are building their user base in Europe with sales teams driving business there and they are looking to improve their Q4 earnings based on this. They seem to have many things going for them and their future looks promising. With catalogues coming from companies, more easier transitions from discovery to purchase and a growing number of online users again this could reflect in a positive change in share price. 

Can anyone weigh in on this?

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