Cockney Rebel AKA Richard Crow, has a name for making money in small caps, with a knack for perfect timing. He has an annual investment return of 30%+, and runs a private chatroom of over 250 members, who discuss stocks. In this interview we glean more about how Richard invests to get such good returns, what he looks for; recovery plays he’s holding, catalysts for selling, and a general feel for his investing style.

Video or podcast

Introduction – 00:18
Richard’s background – 00:53
What return do you look to achieve? – 10:18
What alerts you to a new investment? – 11:30
Today, are you just looking for recovery plays? – 17:00
Xaar (Xaar (LON:XAR)) – 18:47
De La Rue (De La Rue (LON:DLAR)) – 24:18
SIG (Sig (LON:SHI)) – 29 :50
How long do you hold your core positions? – 35:33
Catalysts for selling? – 36:46
Size of holding size? – 37:28
Number of holdings? – 39:07
Vertu Motors (Vertu Motors (LON:VTU)) – 40:00

Q&A Greggs (GRG) & House builders – 42:48
Did your style evolved through trial & errors?
What were your biggest howlers and what did you learn from them? – 44:35 Do you have a view on insurers, specifically Legal & General (LGEN) – 46:05
Evolution of your strategy? – 47:00
When do you decide you made a mistake and sell? Do you have price limits or any other indicators? – 49:33
Do you ever use stop losses? – 50:43
Loop-Up (LOOP) – 51:33
Ted Baker (TED) & – 52.15
Cockney Rebel chat room – 54:01

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