PIWORLD catches up with Larry Zulch, CEO at Invinity Energy Systems (LON:IES) , who gives an overview of the business and Vanadium Flow Batteries (VFB). We get details of some of the projects IES is working on and the exciting joint venture with Siemens Gemesa Renewable Energy. Finally, we get an update about the major shareholders and what investors can expect in the short, medium and long term.

& Podcast

00:32 What does Invinity Energy Systems (IES) do?
00:59 What is a Vanadium Flow Battery (VFB)?
03:09 What is the competitive landscape?
04:17 Projects IES are working on
06:07 The JV with Siemens Gemesa Renewable Energy
08:55 What Larry is most excited about at the moment?
09:57 The major shareholders
11:18 What should investors expect in the short, medium and long term?

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