We are currently in a bull market. It has been a bull market for quite some time. Looking back, bull markets tend to eventually end. When this happens, by what trigger, and what course it will take, are all unclear (at least to me).

My question to you, fellow presumed investors, is how do you intend to prepare for an eventual bear market?

Do you intend to:
A) Continuously invest now and throughout any bear market.
B) Short the market when you think it will turn down/after it has started to turn down.
C) Increase the proportion of your savings that you hold cash (like Warren Buffett, although he has size constraints that individual investors do not), or alternatively in bonds?
D) Move investments into less cyclically affected shares or markets.
E) Do nothing as "this time it's different (TM)", and bear markets will never happen.

Or something else?

Please share what you intend to do, and whether you intend to do so before a bear market or if you think you will act after it begins? Also feel free to share what approach you took during the last bear market, and how that worked out.

Disclaimer: I am not saying I want a bear market to happen, I do not wish to upset anyone and I am not trying to influence anyone's financial decisions. I just want to have a nice pleasant discussion on the matter and for people to share their strategies.

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