Are you here to meet the challenge? 

I imagine most of us here are investing to make ourselves a few quid or most likely to ensure our Sipp’s  or SSAS‘s are as close to a £1m as we can get them...bearing in mind the lifetime limit of our pension pot is just over £1m before the tax take kicks in .

At the same time I am sure many of you are familiar with 2 great books....namely : 100 to 1 in The Stock Market by Thomas W. Phelps and 100 Baggers ( stocks that return 100-to-1 and how to find them) by Christopher Myers .

Accordingly, I AM NOT looking for share tips per se or advice, rather I am looking for your views on how you might take an initial £250k pension pot and get it  to  say a £1m,  within the next 5 to 7 years .

Obviously, I am interested if you believe you have found that 100-1 share or you have  a proven strategy that we can learn from here...but fundamentally, I am interested in your strategy , as I believe I have a’s not complicated or clever and might surprise many of you...both positively and negatively and of course whilst there are no guarantees and past performance is no indication of future performance etc etc , we all know there is money to be made in shares in the next few years as the technology revolution,  we are living in , is only going to move faster and create new wealth and markets for those of us who have the nous to invest wisely ..

My strategy I am happy to reveal ..but not yet,  because as I have written , my strategy is not  complicated or clever but I know I will get either my SIPP or SAAS, to a  combined £1m...though at present some of my pension pots are circa £250k..

The strategy I use has proven itself over  the last 10 years but I appreciate in the next 10 years, this same strategy could come to nothing ...I accept the risks in that .

Finally, I should write, I do have other asset /income streams in property which are long term holdings and have proven themselves over 30 years..

Over to you clever cloggs on Stockopedia for the challenge 

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