JSW increases its investments and assumes an increase in coal mining
March 15, 2019, 2:06 PM
JSW, aiming to expand its resource base, would like to agree with Prairie Mining on basic terms of the transaction (term-sheet) regarding the possible takeover of control over JSW assets by JSW: the Debiensko deposit (JSW could in a short time during this time, approx. 0.5 million tons of coal from the Knurów-Szczyglowice mine site should be obtained from there, and 2.5 million tons eventually after the shaft was built) and Jan Karski in the Lublin region, where there is type 34 coking coal.

The chairman assured that the company's management board would inform shareholders (including the energy department) and the supervisory board on the progress of talks with Prairie Mining, but only after the term-sheet was negotiated, it would be possible to formally approve the company's bodies that must consent to the potential transaction.

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