Clearly two private investors have done just that in December last year. One bought £2.9M shares, the other bought £2.8M.

A dividend has been declared of a wopping 16p, going XD on 22/1/2020 & paid on 29/1/2020. These two guys will be well pleased with that because the yield for them will be about 16% ! (bought for 100p a share say which is 16/100 = 16%. As the share price has been shooting up, the yeald gradually decreases, but even at 125p, the yield works out at 16/125 = 12.8%.

This is my first share bought this year because I like collecting dividend shares paying over 10% pa. I should have bought earlier when the dividend was first declared on 18th December 2019(from, but look forward to collecting more dividend payments this year.

Stocopedia is currently showing a div yield of 4.05%. This will soon change. In 2019 the dividends were paying about 5%.

There are 8 green lights in the momentum section.

From Vectorvest the value is showing 162.79p, which means it is undervalued with excellent upside potential. Stop is set at 105.62p. They are also showing earnings growth rate of 21% and sales growth of 9%.

Stockopedia was currently showing the share price today @ 133.94 up another 4.23%.

This could all change very quickly if either of these 2 investors sold their holdings. Directors have also been buying.

StockRank 99 mid cap Super Stock

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