Most of us on Stockopedia presumably have an interest in buying/selling individual shares - otherwise we could just buy an index tracker (and so do less work and probably for the median buyer do better!)

However, assuming we do buy individual shares, we are always urged to DYOR or do-your-own research. But what does this mean? What do we do?

Presumably, it should include, perhaps in descending order, the following (which reflects my own process)

  1. Look at the company's Stockopedia report. Essentially only 1 page but deliberately designed to include most relevant data
  2. Looking at the latest annual/interim analyst presentation - quick, visual mgt story of latest results & strategy
  3. As above for a relevant competitor
  4. Annual report - more words and additional depth eg including reports on governance and director pay for example
  5. A look at the company website - does its modern shopfront look like it fits mgt's declared strategy?
  6. A look at review sites like Trustpilot or Feefo
  7. With more effort, build our own financial model of future results or crunch ratios not available
  8. Other

As a New Year rolls round, I would be interested to hear thoughts, tips or suggestions that Stockopedia community think help make them better investors

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