Looking for some help with this issue

I own a property which is let out ( with very modest yield of less than 3% pa ) value is £200k (no mortgage ) , I am higher rate tax payer .

With it becoming more hassle to rent ie legislation from Govt.etc I have often thought would it be easier just to sell the property and buy a investment trust with a higher yield ( see link for some options https://www.theaic.co.uk/incom... ) or if I want exposure to property purchase a property Reit which are mostly on discounts at present.

My thinking is that either option would allow steady income without the hassle of managing a property , I understand the risk that the IT could underperform however spreading this among 5-6 ITs could mitigate this somewhat .

Furthermore the ITs would be more liquid should I need the money quickly.

To me I see little down side , am I missing something ?

Would be interested to hear what others think .



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