PTSG is committed to health and safety. It has come up 4 times as a British safety council international safety awards winner between 2012 and 2015. It has 3 times been an ROSPA gold achievement award winner - the only company of its kind in its sector to do so.

The group now holds 75 individual accreditations and also holds the quality ISO 9001, environment ISO 1401 and H & S BS CHSAS 1801 ISO certificates.  It has 220 people that service more than 100,000 buildings across the UK with 8,000 customers.

Having joined Aim in February 2015, the share price has been increasing and I believe is currently undervalued . It has just purchased Intergral Cradles Ltd for £4M.

  • The revenues for the first half of the year are up 40% to £11.7M
  • Gross profit up 27% to £2.4M
  • Operating profit up 30% to £2.4M
  • XD on 8/18/15 of 0,46p
  • Market Cap 71.22M


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