Just shows how even after 25+ years you can still ***** it up by ignoring your rules (no matter how simple they are).

Rule number 1 - Never invest in a company not making a profit no matter how great YOU think it is going to be.  Remember, if it's going to be a truly great company it will first make a profit, then you can get involved (and hopefully make lots of money) - Once it's proven itself!

Rule number 2 - If it's down 20%, worst case 25% - GET OUT!

Rule number 3 - Don't average down.

Luckily I only broke rules 1 and 2.

Just want to hold my hands up in public to enforce the message to myself and to perhaps share with those "newer" to investing. Even after many, many years, there's still plenty of opportunity to ***** it up if you break some (simple) rules!

Hope others have not been so unlucky stupid!

ps - I know with Rule number 1 I will sometimes miss a big move but, if it is to be a great company, I will more than likely catch the biggest move of all, with much less risk.

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but do please share your thoughts and comments on the above should you wish and perhaps - What's your most recent ***** up?

In the spirit of learning from the collective...

Edit: For the record, down about 50% on a, thankfully, speculative, small opening position so no huge damage done - And more than offset by the rise in GAME Digital (LON:GMD) today!

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