With central banks busy printing money and the huge correlation in the price of gold rising to all time highs I'd love to stimulate some discussion about what the eventual outcome look like?

In the short term the Fed are now on QE4 and the UK and Eurozone have also joined the party, I don't suppose any knows the comparative figures worldwide? It's difficult to see how money printing will stop in the short term as governments deal with the fall out of Covid in the second half of this year and beyond. Handy link here which is a quick summary.

Where will this all end? Japanese low interest rates and low growth for the next 20 years or will inflation start to rise?

Gold has been the safe haven of choice and it's difficult to see how this will change, certainly in the next 6 months with US election uncertainty, Brexit and US Chinese tensions. On this theme the dollar is coming under pressure as well.

Penny for your thoughts?

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