This is a shameless plug, but in the end, most of us here are to some degree or other self-employed, I've always found this a supportive community as long as you are polite, and if anyone is annoyed I apologise in advance.
A couple of weeks ago my wife suggested that instead of watching share prices every day I do something more proactive. So I have written a book on how to make the most of self-isolation, entitled Quarantine: Survive and Thrive.

It is available on kindle only, though there are kindle apps for other devices so even if you don't have a kindle you will be able to read it. It's entertaining and informative in equal measure, and so far the feedback has been really positive: it was only launched last night.

I don't cover share dealing in it though I mention how quarantine is apparently a great opportunity to make thousands in Bitcoin, "just like Jim Davidson", and suggest that this might not be a good idea.

Anyway, here is the link, if people buy, review, recommend, tweet about I would be very grateful:

By the way, publishing a book on kindle has proved to be an exceptionally easy process. The Amazon ecosystem is so geared up to make a great experience for buyers and sellers. Using it on the sell side was an eye opening experience.

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