It was around fifty years ago when I read the book of that title, written by Napoleon Hill. He studied the activities and thinking of a large number of successful people the inference being, that if you thought the way they did you would be a success. He published his book in 1937 and it is still in print today. But that wasn’t the book that drove me on, my guru wrote his book ten years later and twenty years after, whilst wondering around the library looking for inspiration I found it. I was confused and disillusioned; I was on my way to a successful career but didn’t know it. Since that time I have read, listened to and watched, lots of self-help material, but it was Frank Bettger’s book that did it for me. “How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success” he showed me the way, he was a guiding light, the magic of his words came to life when he wrote “if you sell for money you will have a dollar sign imprinted on your forehead which only the prospective client can see”. It is rare that you come across a book or a person that leaves you so inspired that you know it will change your way of life.

It has happened again.

Having spent virtually the whole of my life in the investment business, I am by nature cynical and distrusting of the motivation of those who promote their get rich quick schemes and systems, and that goes for Stockopedia. But without Stockopedia and its team I wouldn’t have found my new guru so perhaps the path to enlightenment is not what you hear or see but how you perceive what you hear or see. Now isn’t that the truth?

My very first Blog on this site asked the question “When do you sell” I never really got an answer. It is perhaps the hardest question of all, unless of course you buy and hold and if that is the case then clearly you are an investor, which is a different world to that of the speculator / trader. Having come from the world of the investor I thought that speculator and trader were dirty words, used for investment spivs and fools who would soon see their capital depleted. I didn’t think of myself as a spiv when…

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