Soraya Narfeldt (CEO), Lars Narfeldt (COO) and Andrew Bolter (CFO) give an overview of RA International and an update on current trading following December 2020’s trading update.

Soraya Narfeldt, CEO
Introduction – 00:17

Soraya Narfeldt, CEO, Andrew Bolter, CFO & Lars Narfeldt, COO
What RAI do – 00:55 Clients – 03:12
Growth strategy – 05:42
RAI service verticals – 9:17

Andrew Bolter, CFO
Order Book – 12:08
The business transformation – 12:50

Soraya Narfeldt, CEO, Lars Narfeldt, COO & Andrew Bolter, CFO
ESG and Anti-bribery – 14:23

Andrew Bolter, CFO
Update on current trading – 17:57

Soraya Narfeldt, CEO Summary – 19:30

Q&A – 21:09

Video and podcast.

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