Hi all

After the first week of the COVID crisis wiping out my profits for the year, I'm currently sitting in cash. I've also created something of a re-entry strategy. Until the markets are a bit more stable, I'm planning on moving away from my high stock rank capital gain strategy to an income strategy. The reason being that in 10-15 years when I want to start using my portfolio to supplement my income, I want to do it with high quality dividend paying stocks, and so I might as well pick them up when they are 'on sale'. To this end, I've created a list of 17 high quality, large, historically (perhaps less right now) good dividend paying stocks which I'm ready to press the button on and feel I have done my due diligence on. Depending on how long this lasts, I might reserve a little cash to catch some growth stocks rebounding strongly, but I don't think I've got the experience (and Stockranks are untested in this scenario) to commit large amounts of cash to this safely. Once the markets are a bit more settled, my drip feeding of cash (and dividend income) will go back to my high stockrank capital gain strategy to build up capital until another few good dividend stocks look cheep.

My main difficulty right now is working out when to buy. If we forget about the price of stocks and I just try and answer the question "is now a time I'd want to invest in companies", the answer is probably no - the virus, recession (here and abroad), insanely cheep money, huge personal/business/government debt, brexit deal on the back burner, all make me think things will get worse. However, trying to avoid FOMO (particularly when if I bought these shares when I first wanted to, I'd be up 30% right now), and avoiding the temptation to invest out of (if I'm honest with myself) boredom isn't easy. So I'm trying to sit on my hands and focus my efforts and energies on things that might be more helpful. To that, end, I'd love to know your advice on books/sources to read on risk management and technical analysis.

Risk management is something everyone talks about, but I've yet to find a good read that goes into the quantitative and qualitative aspects of this. Any recommendations on this would be very welcome. I…

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