International investing has become easier and cheaper in the last decade and increasingly, Stockopedia’s subscribers are looking for investment ideas outside of their own country. In response, the editorial team has started to provide more ideas and analysis of international stocks and markets. A brand new structure of the Discuss section of the app will help make our research easier for investors in the UK and around the world to navigate and digest.

We’re also keen to keep the progress of the fast moving markets front and center of our app which means key data and price movements of your home market will be the first thing you see in our new and improved Today page.

Here is some detail on the changes you can now explore:

New blogs for international content


We’re assigning regions to our blogs to ensure that both our readers in the UK and around the world can easily consume the content that is most relevant to them. While specific country blogs will be access-controlled, subscribers from all regions will be able to read and interact with our international blogs which will provide a broad range of ideas and updates.

Our popular ‘Screens and Strategies’ blog which aims to help investors build their knowledge and uncover winning ideas will be renamed ‘Screens & StockRanks’ and will include more of a focus on our proprietary, market-beating strategy.

Meanwhile our brand new blog ‘International Stocks’ will provide a home for the analysis of companies listed outside of London. We plan to provide in-depth research of possible investment opportunities as well as short updates to keep readers informed of key news from market-leading companies.

We have also created a new home for global market round-ups, previously housed under two different blog titles. The ‘Market Wrap’ and ‘Idle Investor’ content will now live in the new ‘Market Analysis’ blog and will keep you updated on economic, political and financial news from around the world.

The world symbol will help readers identify and explore international blogs.

A simplified structure which puts all UK stock ideas in one place


Only members who have the UK as part of their subscription will have access to our premium UK blogs. This includes a new ‘Stock Pitches’ blog…

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