Released - transaction exports and increased table sizes - plus a StockReport Webinar

Wednesday, Oct 09 2019 by

After so much time in development, it's great to see so many subscribers and new trialists exploring the new Stockopedia site. We’ve been receiving some excellent feedback, so thank you for all your views - keep them coming.

First of all, if you haven't already seen it, Ed gave a webinar recently to show subscribers how he personally uses StockReports on the new site - hundreds tuned in but the fact is there's something for everybody in this free two-hour walkthrough. Click on the image below to view it. You can also watch the webinar here on youtube.


In it, Ed demonstrates how you can use the StockReports to conduct forensic fundamental analysis on your stocks in minutes by checking seven key areas: StockRanks, Classifications, Traffic Lights, Red Flags, Screens Passed, Financial History, and Sentiment Trend. Plus, he shows them all off in a handful of examples on different StockReports.

StockReports are the most popular feature on the site. Learning how to make the most of them is time well spent, so grab some popcorn and give it a watch.

See more of your holdings & transactions in a single page

The latest development cycle saw Stockopedia’s engineering team make some important improvements to the Folios section of the site. One of the changes was an alteration to pagination and how lists of stocks are presented in Folios, which are really helpful in terms of navigation. Those of you with larger portfolios will be pleased to learn that you can see longer lists on one page as tables have been increased from 40 lines to 100 lines. That means less clicking and loading and makes it much easier to see your portfolio in one place.


Swiftly show and hide your closed positions

We’ve added a much more visible ‘Settings’ button to the top of Folio pages, which is where you can make adjustments to your Folio set-up. In addition, we’ve added a ‘Show Closed Positions' checkbox to the bottom of Folio tables to save unnecessary clicking. This is exactly where it was in the old Stockopedia site and it means that you can change the view quickly to show or hide any closed positions.


Export your entire transaction history to CSV or…

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Edward Croft Wed 11:48am 3 of 22

In reply to post #519996

Mini Chart improvements are scheduled but we have some priorities around the Comments and StockReports to ship first as highest used areas. I’ve personally scoped the chart work and we’ll batch it together. All is coming and a lot more.

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pmolloy928591 Wed 11:55am 4 of 22

The link to the video doesnt seem to be working, takes me to the home screen

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dmjram Wed 12:04pm 5 of 22

In reply to post #520006

Thanks for the update.
Really want to move over after the webinar last week so will be great to have this fixed along with the new features.

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Nick Ray Wed 12:05pm 6 of 22
In previous updates we brought back the ability to download your portfolio holdings and screen results. Well, now you can export your portfolio transactions to maintain your portfolio history externally.

I wonder exactly who you think is the target user for the export feature in its current form.

An export in CSV should be easy to read by a spreadsheet program. So why is the price column a jumble of prepended "£" and post-pended "p" which most spreadsheet programs can't cope with and therefore will convert into a character format? (and embedded "," which you might get away with sometimes - but what is the point in a format like CSV intended to be read by programs not humans?)

The minimal requirement should surely be that you can read these exported files back into Stockpedia again, but that definitely does not work:

  • The "price" column embedded commas confuse it and it loads the wrong data silently. (I think it just ignores the "£" and "p").
  • The Ticker names are not prepended with exchange info (and the Stocko importer really likes making wild guesses. For example, if I read the NAPS 2019 list back in it associates CCT with a Hong-Kong stock.)
  • The "deposit" transactions are written out in a way which is not compatible with the (rather eccentric) needs of the "import" tool. (On this one, I'd leave the exporter alone and fix up the importer. But at the very least it would be nice if they could understand each other.)

So I am a bit baffled. You can't easily do any numerical processing with columns which have been forced into a character format. And you can't even use it as a quick backup for use with Stockopedia itself. So what are the intended use cases?

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Jack Brumby Wed 12:10pm 7 of 22

In reply to post #520011

Here is the Youtube link:

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Edward Croft Wed 12:31pm 8 of 22

In reply to post #520001

£TICKER is in this development sprint, as well as some really great new discussion features.  The community are in for a treat.

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InvestorJohn Wed 1:33pm 9 of 22

In reply to post #520031

You can export csv files and then import them into another program like sharepad for example 

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InvestorJohn Wed 1:33pm This post has been moderated
InvestorJohn Wed 1:34pm This post has been moderated
Nick Ray Wed 2:33pm 12 of 22

In reply to post #520061

Some test cases for your new implementation:

3IN 888 88E AA4 BT.A D4T4 G4M K3C MAB1 OAP3 P2P RM2 S32 SYS1 TM17 W7L

I won't add the "£" here for clarity. But will be great if they work in the new discussion implementation.

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Oliver Cooper Wed 4:50pm 13 of 22

In reply to post #520031

Hello Nick,

In the first instance we wanted to minimise disruption and help users settle into the new site. This is why we wanted to enable users to export their transaction data and have kept the format the same. It would certainly be great to ensure that the export format worked seamlessly with the importer and this is something we'll consider for a future release.

In the short term, if you would like any assistance with manipulating this file, please get in touch with support.

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dfs12 Wed 5:43pm 14 of 22

Great to see improvements. Any chance that an option to hide empty positions could be implemented? The current site hides empty and closed. The new site only allows control over closed positions. An additional checkbox on the folio page to "Hide empty positions" would do the trick.

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Steves cups Wed 10:29pm 15 of 22

I would like to see menus back to top please.
At the side they are taking away to much data and reading space when using a tablet in portrait mode

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Jack Brumby Thu 2:40pm 16 of 22

In reply to post #520236

Thanks for the feedback Steves - it's been logged in our system so the people that make layout decisions will see it.

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Techno Trousers Fri 3:33pm 17 of 22

I use the old charts extensively, and cannot get on at all with the new charts. The absence of an option to link to the old charts in this new development means that I cannot use it or even spend time to get familiar with it as I always need to drop back to the original Stocko site. I find the features of the new charts somewhat limited, so I hope this can be addressed.
I was hoping for a better evolution of Stocko, so not a fan so far. Sorry.


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dfs12 Fri 5:12pm 18 of 22

In reply to post #520451

Hi Jack, Any chance you could ensure the "Hide empty positions" request is put in front of the people who make the decisions too? Ta.

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bossman81 10:11am 19 of 22

Are you guys any closer to deciding on Level 2 or as a minimum live pricing perhaps? Would be great to switch from ADVFN and have a one stop shop solution.

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Jack Brumby 3:54pm 20 of 22

In reply to post #520936

bossman - Level 2 is a popular request and we definitely want to add this feature. You can vote for it in the Product Roadmap, where it is listed under "In Consideration".

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Jack Brumby 39 mins ago 21 of 22

In reply to post #520711

Hi TT, we are not integrating the old charts with the new site so there won’t be a link - but if you could get back to the team with the specifics of what you think is missing in the new charts, I know that would be a big help to them in terms of actionable feedback. Is it a question of range of technical indicators, for example? If you haven’t already, probably the most direct way to communicate this is via the green speech button at the bottom of the page.

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Jack Brumby 36 mins ago 22 of 22

In reply to post #520721

Yes dfs, I've just done it.

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