Briefly, this company makes increasing losses every year. Its operating margin is -4981%. Its revenue is expected to grow by 470% next year, but its losses are expected to almost double at the same time!

2022E revenue is 8825% higher than TTM revenue. 

I would expect its bankruptcy risk to be at least in the caution zone, but it is at the far end of the green zone, with a z-score of 247. Its health rating however is just 3. 

Despite the number of shares increasing by 10%, book value per share has increased by 148%.

I can't understand why analyst consensus is somewhere between "buy" and "strong buy". 

Net gearing is -68%. I wonder if investors are thinking that means everything is OK.  Does the earnings manipulation risk rating need to be revised from "low"?

At present it is a "momentum trap". Should that be revised to "sucker stock"?

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