Samarkand (OFEX:SMK) full-year 2021 analyst presentation. David Hampstead, CEO and Eva Hang, CFO outline the business following the IPO on Aquis Exchange earlier this year and elaborate on the full-year 2021 results. A comprehensive overview of what Samarkand offers their customers; their markets and all the moving parts of the last year, including CV-19, Chinese regulation and a very dynamic Chinese market and their acquisitions and acquisition strategy. Video & podcast.

David Hampstead, CEO
00:18 Introduction and about Samarkand
01:29 Executive summary

Eva Hang, CFO
03:46 Financial highlights

David Hampstead, CEO
06:21 The Chinese market & how SMK access it: Nomad Distribution, Checkout & Analytics
09:49 Brand ownership: Probio 7
15:49 Acquisition: Zita West
16:50 The market: CV19; Chinese regulation; innovation and livestream products etc
21:56 Strategic update and focus for the next year
23:30 Summary and outlook

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