So I started to subscribe to Stockopedia at the end of May 2020 and can only say that to-date the results have been stunning.

My overall portfolio performance in 2020 is +8.2% versus the FTSE 100 total return index -11.6%. Whilst there were other factors, a key factor has been an improved stock selection driven by data from Stockopedia. The discrete Stockopedia portion of my portfolio has delivered a return from early July of +30.2% and annualised equivalent of +72.0%.

I have been extremely convinced of the benefits of the site due to the fact that the shares that I have profited from have not been stocks that I would have previously selected. Of my trades driven by Stockopedia over 74% of them have been profitable. Some of the highlights have been G4s (LON:GFS) and Ferrexpo (LON:FXPO) but there have been plenty of others.

So finally just to say I big thank you to Ed and the team and here's hoping the record continues in 2021. A Happy New Year to all.

The Gob!

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