Hi all - my 2 week trial subscription has just rolled into a one year membership, so pretty new to all this. Fantastic site though and great resource here.

So how to put this information and data into action?

My thinking so far is to create a portfolio (in my ISA) that will track either a screen or a rank. My thinking here is:

- The screens and ranks are outperforming the FTSE over a 3-5 year period. Therefore a better investment than my Vanguard funds.
- I am not a stockpicker, and I don't think I can beat the screens. The screens have been created based on backtesting or other significant research.
- I plan to rebalance quarterly or semi-annually

My plan now is to build a portfolio that will track the performance of a screen. My questions are:

- Is this a common approach, and what success have people had with it?
- What are the behavioral factors to look out for? It cannot be easy to sit back and let the screen pick your stocks.
- What screens are people copying?
- What has not worked well for you in this approach?

Thanks all. Any help appreciated.


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