Just thought it appropriate to have a thread specific to thanking Graham and Paul for their efforts on the SCVR in 2017 - Mainly, so as not to muddle any specific SCVR.

I for one have surely appreciated them and would like to...

1 - Extend my gratitude to both for your commitment and detailed insights

2 - Thank you both for keeping me out of some rubbish shares which on the face of it look OK

3 - Thank you both for easily allowing me to cover my subscription cost from some "tail coating"

4 - Wish you both all the best for the festive period and the new year

5 - Ask that long may it continue

ps - A very special thanks to the many other participants (too many for me to name here, and for fear of missing anyone) that make it the most enjoyable stock related community at present (now the only one I participate in)

pps - And thanks Ed and the rest of the Stockopedia crew for all you do in hosting this community and providing the excellent data and service you do

Finally, all the very best to both of you, all at Stockopedia and the rest of the (mostly) level headed contributors :)

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