Many years ago before Serica Energy Serica Energy (LON:SQZ) was quoted on AIM I bought a few shares in Serica Energy on the Toronto exchange for my SIPP. In spite of my hope that they might strike lucky they failed to perform and the share value dwindled to such extent that it was hardly worth selling them and they became merely an option that something might turn up without my having to devote any attention to them. Something did turn up and from a low of 3p a share in London in 2015 they have risen to a rather healthier 72 p now.

Unfortunately, having registered their improved fortune I discovered that Serica Energy had been delisted from the Toronto exchange in 2015: Now I happily hold a couple of delisted dividend paying UK stocks but I am not particularly keen to hold until Serica starts to pay a dividend or receives a takeover offer and would prefer to sell my shares. However, my SIPP broker tells me that at present he can not see how this might be done.

Does anyone who has faced a similar delisting of shares from a foreign exchange while the equivilant shares continue to be traded in Londo have any advice or suggestions as to how I might dispose of my formerly Toronto listed shares that previously traded pretty much in lockstep with the AIM listed shares of Serica.?

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