Three weeks ago, I was studying Carnival Stock and believed it had major upside potential. If you had bought that day, you would be down 60%. Wow.

Everything changed

We entered a fog bank and no one knows what awaits us on the other side. The effects of coronavirus are so severe that entire US industries are fighting off bankruptcies. Oil, Hotels, Cruises, Airlines, Banks, Automakers, Real Estate Investment Trusts, Insurance Companies. Never in my life would I have guessed Boeing would need a bailout. Investing in these US industries right now is a big gamble. Don’t even bother! There are some fantastic US companies at great prices. After this bear market beating, these 7 stocks are trading at great valuations. 

Coca-Cola (NYQ:KO)
A consumer staple with multiple channels for distribution. Bars might not be selling “rum and cokes” but SmartWater was all sold out at my local grocery store. The company has a strong brand with a diverse lineup of products. Don’t assume the company only sells sugary drinks. Coca-Cola is more than that. It has survived every major recession. The balance sheet debt is manageable with the $11B of cash on hand.

Berkshire Hathaway (NYQ:BRK.B)
This company is just like buying a small ETF. There is an insurance conglomerate, utility company, furniture distributor, home construction company, and chocolate manufacturer all wrapped in one. An extremely strong balance sheet. With $100B in cash on the books, Warren Buffet waits for opportunities like this. His company can weather any storm and wait for bargain investments. Let the greatest investor work for YOU.

A blue-chip company with a healthy dividend. 3M has diversified products in every industry. Some products will be hurt by an economic recession, but others in the healthcare field will be sold out. At the current 17 P/E ratio, you are buying into a company with a great track record and a knack for innovation for a fair price. During the financial crisis, 3M’s revenue was fairly consistent. Hopefully, it will be similar this recession.

Electronic Arts (NSQ:EA)
Lots of teenagers are staying home from school playing video games. Electronic Arts is one of the largest video game companies with amazing franchises like Madden, FIFA, Star Wars, and Battlefield. This company may hit record earnings this quarter while the rest of the…

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