Do people have any views please on whether it's prudent to hold one's ISA and SIPP on the same platform? Or should one spread the risk of something going wrong with any given platform by holding ISAs and SIPPs in separate places?

The context for my question is that, while the majority of my shares are denominated in sterling, because of the lower FX costs for dealing in dollar-denominated US shares (I hold four in total, but I’d like to add another), I currently have my ISA with IG. I've just read, however, that if I hold dividend-bearing US shares in an ISA, I'm paying 15% US withholding tax, whereas in a SIPP, no US withholding tax is payable. (Only one of my four US shares pays a dividend, but the new one I’d like to buy is also a dividend payer.) So I'm thinking of moving my SIPP from Alliance Trust Savings to IG and using it as a new wrapper within which to hold dividend-bearing US shares. Meanwhile, I can continue to hold non-dividend-paying US shares in my ISA. If it wasn’t for this issue, then I’d be happy to keep my SIPP with Alliance instead of moving it to IG where my ISA is also held.

Thank you very much for reading this.

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