Somehow, more than a year has passed since the Stockopedia Investment Club's inception, and a lot has happened in that time. So we've decided to write up a review of the SIC's performance so far. If there's demand for it, we'll look to turn this into a more regular update.

For those that are newer to the site, a quick recap: at the start of 2020 the Stockopedia team set up its own investment club because there's no substitute for 'skin in the game'.

And let's face it, the first steps into the world of investing can be quite intimidating. We hear it from newer subscribers all the time and it's why we support an environment in which newbies can find their feet just as much as old pros can swap war stories.

So we set up the Club in February of 2020, in that strange period after the Covid cat was out of the bag but before the stark reality of lockdowns had fully hit home.

And our stock pitch template was hammered out in the wild months of March and April as retail investors rode out one of the most savage equity market drawdowns in history. Even seasoned investors had moments of doubt in those remarkable weeks, when the streets emptied and all the toilet roll disappeared.

But iron, as they say, is forged in a furnace. And it was in this incredible environment that many of the Club's members experienced their first real taste of the markets. Along the way there have been some great calls and a couple of 'facepalm' moments - including our biggest loss... Not a stock we bought that went down, but one we sold too soon and that soared to new heights.

You can read all about that below (hint: Slater Investments has just joined the party there, buying in at more than twice the price we sold out for).

So far we've found this to be a highly educational, enjoyable, and profitable endeavour. We hope you agree. You can find all of our write-ups so far in The Investment Club blog.

Portfolio performance

Unless stated otherwise, we will be discussing results for the period from fund inception on the 6th of February 2020 through to the 31st of March 2021.

Here is the time-weighted return (which removes the impact of deposits and withdrawals) of the SIC portfolio…

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