We meet as a group of like minded investors who wish to discuss the subject matter.

We do not group invest, there is no money on the table. Everyone makes their own decisions which are private to them. We are polite, inclusive and constructive. The cost to attend is the purchase of a meal from the bar.

Please be advised, none of this is investment advice etc. These are simply topics for discussion.

We will inevitably discuss the current Covid19 situation and then we will have a round robin discussion of buys/sells/interested, this can be a fund, trust, individual share or anything else. You can contribute to the discussion as much or as little as you like. We can bring up Stockopedia, Investegate, Company Websites etc within the discussion or, you can prepare a presentation. At our last meeting, Daniel walked us through an excellent presentation that he had prepared. If this is something you wish to do but are unsure, then please get in touch and I will help with ideas and past presentations for your guidance.

Please join SIGnet, if you put my name and Piccadilly Group in the comments it helps;


Please let me know if you can or cannot make it.

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