Video meeting Agenda: 12noon to 3pm

12-12.30: Brief introductions

12:30 to 1pm – A talk from Steve Ross of James Sharp Stockbrokers, Bury on “A stockbrokers View” or “Confession of a Stockbroker” whichever way you want to look at it? James Sharp, founded in 1885, is one of the few remaining independent stockbroking firms in the North West – they are the preferred stockbroker of Lord John Lee.

1 – 2 pm discussion and review of the implications of the US Elections along with the approaching end of the Brexit transition period / trade deal?

2 – 2:15 Short refreshment break

2:15 – 3pm Individual stocks, buys, sells, interested.

Any non-members of SIGnet that would like to attend should apply to join SIGnet here: and mention in the comments which group they would like to join. SIGnet members should just reply and their interest will be passed to the group convenor, who will provide further details.

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