Hi Ed and everyone,

Firstly Ed has mentioned that he tends to run a portfolio of 20 stocks (equities) and my question to Ed (et all) is whether this is one account or would it be across both the SIPP and ISA (in cases where probably a lot of subscribers have both)? If so would one blend the 20 splitting across both accounts? or what makes sense? What's an easy way to do it?

My question deliberately assumes: to ignore the tax implication to either account, ignore other holdings (funds, derivatives, ETF's etc.), and ignore the COVID season now particularly, i.e. I'm asking as a general approach. It's maybe a boring question but I find this to a recurring issues.

Secondly does anyone have a alternative approach that makes sense?

I find I tend to have 30+ holdings incl. funds across  both ISA & SIPP, and my main risk is that my positions are generally too small in such an approach, as 95% of the holdings will be below 3% of the total combined portfolios which in normal circumstances is way too small.


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