We are dedicated here at Stockopedia to creating the kind of tools that our subscribers need to make better decisions in the markets. But in our dedication to generate the best toolkit for smart investors to discover and analyse stocks we had to put our portfolio ambitions on hold… until now!

We've always supported the ability to create watchlists of stocks and add some simple holdings size and cost prices to the lists, but serious investors need serious tools. Today's release is just the first step along the journey to what we hope will be the best portfolio management system on the planet. Not only that but we've extended coverage and released a new alerts system… here are a few feature highlights from last night's release (sign up here for a free 2 week trial):

Portfolio Base Currencies

We have added support for multiple portfolio currencies. At the moment we are providing GBP, EUR and USD currency support but can add more on request. This sets the reporting currency for your portfolio and all gains/losses will be reported in this currency.

Transaction support

We've added the ability to log all your portfolio history - with transactions in whatever trade currency they were traded in. Many London traded securities are priced in Euros, Dollars, even Norwegian Kroner - so this is an essential feature. The portfolio overview page provides an aggregated view of all the positions in your portfolio.

Withdrawal/Deposit Support

If you run your own dealing account, have an ISA or SIPP you'll always have a cash balance unless you are fully invested. We are pleased to announce that we now provide the ability to log cash deposits and withdrawals to generate a more complete portfolio valuation.

Allocation analysis

For sure many sites provide a pie chart showing your sector allocation - but frankly that's not very helpful. Our allocation report shows you exactly which sectors you are overweighting versus the market, which stocks are below or above target allocations so that you can find your blind spots fast.

Ratios and Analytics

Ever wanted to know what your overall portfolio P/E ratio is vs the market, or even what the overall financial risk is? We have taken the first step towards this goal with a new Analytics page that tracks all our most popular financial analysis apps on the portfolio level (F-scores, Z-scores etc) as well as the key ratios investors need to…

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