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UK Investor Show

I thoroughly enjoyed the UK Investor Show on Saturday. As always, Mark Slater's insights were absolutely superb, he talks unadulterated common sense. Another highlight for me was the recorded video from Nigel Wray, who was unable to attend in person unfortunately. He is another brilliant investor who is full of wisdom & experience.

I enjoyed the perspectives from the "bear pit" too. Bears don't always get it right, but if they turn on a company where I hold a long position, then I sit up and take notice. They're more often right than wrong, and bears are usually the most experienced & thorough (in their research) investors, so fighting them on bulletin boards is a pointless exercise, when we should instead be listening carefully to what they say.

The Stockopedia session with Ed was so popular that four rooms had to be amalgamated into one, and even then there were people standing & sitting on the floor! A few people got up to leave when I took over, but thankfully not too many lol!

Dozens of readers of this blog chatted to me, as I was wandering around the venue. Almost every conversation started with the words, "Hello Paul, I read your blog every day..."! I was thrilled to get such positive feedback, with lots of people saying how useful they find these reports.

One chap made a good point, he said that to save time, he skips to the "My opinion" paragraph in every section, and if I sound positive on a stock, then and only then does he read the rest of that section. What a good time-saving idea, for those of you that are very busy, so thought I would pass that idea on to you here.

It's such a pity the investing world is so male-dominated. I wonder what we can do to encourage more ladies to get involved too? Females apparently make better investors, due to being a bit more cautious than men, and less prone to taking a gung-ho attitude towards risk, that is the undoing of many of us from time to time. A friend was trying to point out someone they knew in the crowd to me, saying "He's the older gentleman over there, with grey hair". I responded, "That doesn't narrow it down much! Everyone in the room fits that description!"

I thought the bearish comments against

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