Good morning, it's Paul here with the placeholder for Thursday's SCVR - designed to provide a place for your early morning 7am RNS comments. In particular for MrContrarian's brilliant early morning summaries - I think we should do a whip round for him at Christmas actually, for the sterling service he selflessly provides to the investing community.

Estimated timings - TBC (let me look at the RNS and then I'll publish a totally unrealistic deadline, fall asleep after lunch, and miss it by miles!)

Today's report is now finished.

To get you started today - I added a few more sections to yesterday's SCVR throughout the afternoon, so it now covers 6 companies, including 3 reader requests. Several of which look potentially interesting actually, so thanks for flagging, and do please take a look & let me know your views.



It's been a while since I've talked about pubs, but have been doing a bit more research this week about pub re-openings in London. My local, the Lord Clyde, has been open for a little while, so I went there on Tuesday night, and was surprised to find that it only had cider and Guinness on tap - it's quite understandable that breweries are having trouble scaling up production, and in any case I love Guinness, so had a few pints of that. This is an easy, quick fix, so doesn't matter.

It was table service, which is fantastic, this must become the new norm. I normally sit outside anyway, in the fenced-off pavement area, so I can watch all the traffic near-misses, and expletive-laden arguments between motorists. But social distancing makes it all the more sensible to sit outside, if you want to avoid covid. I'm in two minds. If antibodies only last 3 months, then surely I should be exposing myself to covid again, in order to refresh my immunity? I have felt a bit peaky this week actually, so have been wondering if the disgusting old man in a local cafe on Monday, with the runny nose, might have temporarily re-infected me?

Also, it's quite fun to see the local care in the community lady, called May, who shuffles down the road, getting free food and drink from all the local shopkeepers (either very smart, or genuine, I can't decide). She's a cheerful soul, typically booming out at all the men,, "Hello!…

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