Hi, it's Paul here with the SCVR for Weds.

I'm writing this late on Tuesday evening, because feedback has been very positive when I write about the general Macro/Covid situation, and subscribers seem to like something new to read first thing in the mornings, understandably. I'm a night owl, so it's difficult to balance all this because there are so many distractions when the market is open, even when I have managed to crank my brain into action in the mornings. Hence writing macro stuff late at night suits me well. I'll try to do this once or twice per week in these SCVRs in future, when there is something to discuss.

Embarrassing error - can't remember if I've mentioned it, but I feel a bit of a fool for putting in an incorrect link in Monday's SCVR, which I thought was CNN, but was some mickey mouse website with a similar name. Sorry about that, and thanks to readers who pointed it out. That said, the headlines & commentary in UK newspapers are no less ridiculous very often - e.g. market plunges or collapses, now seem to apply to moves of c.1%!

PIWorld podcasts

Many of us find the professional investor videos from PIWorld very useful & enjoyable. These are made for investors, by investors.

I particularly liked this discussion with Stephen English, which is full of insights. And of course anything with Leon Boros is always worth tuning in to.

What I didn't know, is that for apparently 18 months, PIWorld content has been available as audio podcasts. I've only just discovered the podcasts, and last weekend I really enjoyed listening to the charming & interesting commentator David Buik, being interviewed by Tamzin (very polite, and she doesn't interrupt!) on my headphones, whilst doing oddjobs over the weekend What a great use of otherwise wasted time!

Macro/Covid news & views

In these unprecedented times, I keep an A4 pad by me, and often jot down interesting snippets from the press, news, and CNBC. Here are the latest snippets, with my additional comments, as I'm trying (as we all are) to work out what's going on, and where it might take us. After all, that has to guide our investment decisions. Even if your approach is "do nothing", that still implies that you've decided the outlook isn't too bad, and should recover back…

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