£SMGB is showing signs of early breakout on the monthly chart below and the price is rising above the previous high seen at the end of 2021.  (I don't hold, but I hold several components such as Nvidia.). The upward thrust is accompanied by good volume. Semi-conductors are an essential ingredient of AI and are likely to dominate the technology market for the foreseeable future (there will fluctuations - as seen in 2022 - but the general long term trend is upwards). This ETF might be of interest to anyone wanting portfolio exposure to semi-conductors but unsure of which individual stocks to buy. Net Assets £1 BN. Expense ration 0.35%. Dividend not applicable. Spread negligible (10 basis points). Free of stamp duty as an ETF. Please note this ETF contains mainly strong momentum growth stocks and is therefore high risk compared with index tracker funds, especially when there are downturns in the market.


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