Executive Summary

SnackTime plc is the largest snack vending operator in the UK and Ireland. It has depots across the country - North, London, South and South East, Wales, Scotland and the Midlands and can therefore service all major towns and cities across the UK providing a local, cost-free, rent-free vending option for the workplace. The company was founded by Blair Jenkins who has a 25 year background in consumer goods, manufacturing and marketing, having started his career for Proctor and Gamble. SnackTimes first customers were in the Thames Valley but within a couple of years the business was able to offer a fully operated vending service across the whole of the UK. Today the companys customers number in excess of 20,000 and include many household names. The corporate HQ is in Wokingham Berkshire but sales, engineering and merchandising teams are spread across the country to deliver industry leading service levels. Uniquely SnackTime merchandisers are only paid on the performance of the machines and therefore each merchandiser is highly motivated to provide a first class level of customer service. The vast majority of SnackTimes customers enjoy a fully operated vending service at no cost to them. All machines are provided to the customer free on loan, with a charge only being made in the rare event usage levels fall below minimum agreed standards.

Company History


Business Model








Distribution/Routes to Market




Market Share


Main Competitors


Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses








Current Trading


Forecast Drivers and Issues


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Comparable Companies


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