I had an email passed on to me by an investor friend from John Yuncza, CFO at Somero. John was happy for it to be circulated as Somero has already updated its broker Finn Cap.

"I can confirm all Somero employees and the families are safe, and there was no damage to the Somero headquarters. This storm will not impact our business as we are managing the business remotely and through our Houghton, Michigan infrastructure. The main issue we’re dealing with is the lack of power in the Fort Myers area and inconsistent cell service which has delayed our ability to officially re-open the headquarters building. To put it in perspective, 65% of Florida is currently without power, so this is an issue that will take time to get fully back to normal. Thankfully, no meaningful incremental costs are expected as a result of this historic storm.


For a reminder, Fort Myers is on the Western flank of Florida and bore the brunt of the Hurricane. So good news and the disaster plan is obviously working. I thought investors should know. Regards


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