Jack Cooney, CEO, John Yuncza, CFO & Enzo LiCausi, VP of Finance outline the results for the period. They achieved a balance between short-term requirements due to CV19 while advancing their long-term strategy. They introduced three new products that contributed immediately to the current year figures and completed expansions of the operation and training facilities, laying the foundation for future growth. The period closed with the strongest cash position in the company’s history and they are well positioned to make investments for long-term growth in new and existing markets. Video & Podcast.

Jack Cooney, CEO:
00:00 Introduction
00:26 2020 in review

John Yuncza, CFO:
02:40 Financial Highlights
04:05 Sales by Territory
08:15 Sales by Product

Enzo LiCausi, VP of Finance:
12:00 Operating Results
14:20 Financial position
15:35 Cash Flows
17:19 Dividend

John Yuncza, CFO:
18:20 Global Growth Strategy
20:05 New products
22:15 Products and Applications
23:33 Training & Expertise
24:20 2021 Outlook

27:00 Q&A

Jack Cooney, CEO:
47:45 Closing remarks

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