I bought shares in this around the dip in first half of year. Not a lot compared to full position and plan to hold for the long term to see what happens. Not a very sophisticated view.

Anyhoo, I've loosely followed their product material, marketing and imagery since. My feel is that two things have happened over the course of this year:

1) The presentation of the product has moved more confident with a more middle class and even professional focus over the year, from a position that was perhaps a bit less affluent and Next-y middling middle office or mummy dressing a bit smart day (really dodgy description - sorry - hopefully it is relatable rather than viewed as offensive). Perhaps you could say less Loose Women and your aunties having a barney and more aspirational drama/sitcom with powerful or more edgy women in it.

2) I feel the imagery and maybe the clothing is perhaps moving younger

Any views? Do you think I have spotted correctly? If yes, does it have implications for trajectory of company (short and long term)?


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