When European legislators introduced tough new rules in 2008 about the health claims that food groups could make about their products, it was a small British company that was first to meet the regulations. Despite numerous brand name multi-nationals finding themselves on the wrong side of the rules, AIM listed Provexis (LON:PXS) was able to prove that its Fruitflow anti-thrombotic technology does indeed contribute to healthy blood flow. With a profit sharing alliance for Fruitflow signed 15 months ago with Dutch health ingredients supplier DSM Nutritional Products, all eyes will be on Provexis in June when it reports in financial results. In the meantime, chief executive Stephen Moon says that he is impressed by the progress being made, and with Fruitflow’s commercial future in the hands of a partner he is now keen to focus on expanding the product pipeline at Provexis.

Moon took on the reigns as CEO in the summer of 2006, a year after privately-held Provexis had reversed into his AIM-listed Nutrinnovator Holdings business. He was formerly a director of strategy planning and business development in the nutritional healthcare division of drugs giant Glaxosmithkline (LON:GSK) . At Provexis, he runs a 15-person strong business based in Windsor but with scientific teams at the University of Liverpool and the Rowett Institute at the University of Aberdeen. Having spent years firming up the science behind Fruitflow – a tomato extract which inhibits platelet aggregation – he now wants to use that expertise in new products. Human trials are under way in Liverpool on a treatment for inflammatory bowel disease, or Crohn’s disease, which is expected to be a revenue contributor in the future. Likewise, a tie-up with the Institute of Food Research is focusing on the development of a potential product that uses vegetable extracts to reduce the risk of certain cancers, arthritis and cardiovascular inflammation. Finally, Moon is also keen to expand through acquisition and he is aiming to bring a new technology or business into the group this year.

Stephen, you have got a background in one of the largest phama companies in the world. What was the background to Provexis and its decision to come to the market in 2005?

I was doing strategy, business development and innovation at Glaxo’s consumer healthcare business and, like a lot of entrepreneurs, I got…

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