I've posted a few similar challenges over the years for various stocks. The general thinking is that when i'm looking at a company I should be looking for the one reason not to buy it rather than the positive reasons that confirm my bias.

I've been looking at Stock Spirits (LON:STCK) for a while, ever since I started making the occasional trip to Poland for work.

Stocko says its a contrarian and it looks like it might have hit some support at 200p. It goes ex-dividend in a week or so and pays roughly 4.4% which isn't bad at all.
To my eye it looks like decent value and I see this as a reasonably defensive play with some upside from the current sp. I can't see why it won't proceed upwards from here, but then again I don't really understand why its gone down so much recently either.

Anyone got any thoughts? Anyone want to talk me out of it?

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