hi - I've posted a strange discovery rather than report via Chat.

Today I selected the Compare Stocks (lower RHS of StockReport page) for two stocks Oxford Instruments (LON:OXIG) and Tt Electronics (LON:TTG), with expected result:

  • OXIG comes out Winner (I hold)

Then I added a 3rd stock, Concurrent Technologies (LON:CNC), wondering if Oxford Instruments  still wins - guess what happened?

  • TTG wins. Why??

So did the rule base change? For sector/industry group comparisons I use this tool occasionally but what is the basis for declaring a Winner? Is it an even weighting based on number of green blocks highlighted on LHS factors. (Is this useful to post to the Group - do you use this tool alternatively to loading the stocks to Folios and customising & comparing Factors such as in a Quotes column) ?  I hope not to waste your time on this.. rgds, Phil.

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