I put this out there as a list of things that could be achieved - and then a more difficult list.

1. ability to download the financial statements directly into excel
2. ability to plot fundamentals on the charts (P/E, EPS, Relative Strength etc)
3. ability to see your screens in the 'qualified for' section of the stocko report
4. ability to see when stocks would have qualified for your custom screen
5. chart signals - adding in patterns such as Head & Shoulders, Double Top/Bottom, Flags, (VCP?)

Difficult list
1. list of major shareholders of each company
2. a decent trading/results calendar on the homepage
3. ability to screen for institutional ownership, insider ownership
4. run a checklist - against multiple companies (say a portfolio watchlist)

i'm sure there are more items to be added - tend to think of things as i go along. Would be interested if anyone else has suggestions - or any general stocko usage tips, as we can also improve how we use the platform.

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